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Videos not loading at all?!

you must have the latest version of Abode Flash Player installed to stream all videos. Also:

  • Try using the latest version of Firefox for best streaming speeds and playback chances. In alot of cases Internet Explorer cannot play some videos.
  • If you see a funny screen instead of the player then it means that the video file has been deleted.
  • Make sure you try all the available sources of a video located on the right hand side of the video.

Videos loading slowly and stop frequently

there are different possibilities that makes the vidoes load slowly. Slow internet connection speeds are a common issue in some cases. Also using Internet explorer instead of firefox can cause videos to load slower than usual.

But the most common reason is the source file. Since we do not host the videos, they get streamed from third party websites which usually reside in china. Due to the heavy traffic that these sites experience, loading speeds become exteremly slow during chinese peak hours. Site like Toudu or Youku are the two major chinese based websites that we get the videos from. In case you see that these websites are the host of our videos, the best option is to give the video some time to load so you can enjoy watching the video without lagging or interruption.

Megavideo Time-Limit Streaming Issue

Some of the episodes contain MegaVideo sources which may have a time-limit on them. This will show a message to the user that "you must purchase a premium plan" after 72 minutes (sometimes 54 minutes) of watching an episode. After this message, you have to wait around 2-3 hours before you can watch another megavideo episode (or continue watching the same episode).

DO NOT purchase any premeium membership from MegaVideo!

There is one free solution to this problem. The time-limit gets applied when the browser communicates with the megavideo server and informs the server of the number of minutes that the user has watched a video. In order to fix the issue, you have to:

  • Load up the megavideo source
  • Press play and let the episode play a little
  • Press pause, and let the entire episode load (usually takes around 5-6 minutes for a full length episode)
  • Then disconnect from the internet, or work offline in Internet Explorer, or use your firewall to somehow stop your browser from communicating with the megavideo server.

If you do not know how to do any of the above steps, then just unplug your ethernet cord from the back of your computer. When you are done watching the video you can reconnect it. If the above method does not work, then try another source if available. We are continuesly striving to add as many sources as possible to all episodes to make your experience on more enjoyable.